Anderson Olver is here to help you find solutions to U.S. immigration law and nationality issues.


At Anderson Olver, we value quality over quantity.  We opened a boutique practice for this reason: because we share the goal of delivering the highest possible quality immigration legal services, tailored to the specific goals of each individual client.  At Anderson Olver, you will meet with one of our partners and your case will be handled directly by us throughout the application or court process.


Anderson Olver is here to meet your needs for legal solutions to US immigration and nationality issues.
We know that planning for international mobility and stability of status in the United States represents more than the mere filing of applications for immigration benefits: it is an investment in the future, and a key element in the professional and personal development of individuals, families and firms.
We bring a combined forty years of experience in immigration law and international mobility to every case we handle.  We understand from personal experience the many challenges and opportunities presented international employment and living abroad.

Anderson Olver is a local firm with a global reach.  Located in Croton-on-Hudson, New York, our physical office is easily accessible for clients throughout the mid-Hudson Valley, both by car and the Metro-North Hudson Line.  Our flexible hours, by appointment only, mean that you can meet with us before or after work, as well as on the weekend.  We also deliver legal services globally for individuals and firms around the world who seek to obtain entry to the United States for themselves, family members or employees.


Our clients include academics, executives and other skilled workers who work and live in the New York metropolitan area and Hudson Valley region, as well as business owners in our region want to benefit from the large foreign-born work force while ensuring that they are in compliance with laws regulating employment of foreign nationals.  We know that our clients have multiple, intersecting goals: to protect legal status in the United States, to maximize and ensure personal mobility in and out of the United States, and to protect family, investments and property both in the United States and abroad.
We are here to help prospective employers navigate the complex process of hiring foreign workers for academic, executive and skilled worker positions.   We also know that there are many instances when an academic, executive or skilled worker may have questions that they do not feel comfortable asking the immigration attorney who represented his or her employer in their employment visa application.  These can include questions about benefits for family members, consequences of change in employment, consequences of criminal convictions on the ability to maintain status to naturalize.


Karin Anderson

Attorney Karin Anderson

Karin Anderson Ponzer is a partner at Anderson Olver. She has over two decades’ experience in the practice of immigration law: student and academic exchange visas, family-based immigrant visas, international adoption, employment-based nonimmigrant and immigrant visas…

Richard Olver

Attorney Richard Olver

Richard Olver is a partner at Anderson Olver where he works on immigration and nationality law matters. Richard’s practice has a special focus on a variety of family-based and employment-based issues faced by diplomatic and expatriate clients and their dependents and extended families, both in the United States and around the world.