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Employment immigration

Employee-Based Visas and Immigration

U.S. employers are always looking for the best talent to help them innovate and grow their businesses and look to the global market place to find the best and brightest, those whose credentials and training are essential to provide specialized services and fill unique positions.  Read more

Family Based Visas and Immigration

Family-Based Visas and Immigration

Marriage is a major milestone and a reason for celebration, but if one partner is a foreign national, the couple must navigate US immigration law in order to settle in the United States. Read more…

Immigration Problems

Immigration Problems - Removal and Relief

U.S. immigration law is based on one stark fact: only United States citizens have a substantive, Constitutional right to enter and live in the United States.  For everyone else, living and entering the U.S, are considered benefits accorded to certain individuals, which the government can easily take away. Read more…

Employer Sanctions

Employer Sanctions

Businesses need to strike a delicate balance when making hiring decisions.  Employers are required under federal law to confirm that their employees are authorized to work in the United States. Read more…

Meet the Attorneys

Karin Anderson

Attorney Karin Anderson

Karin Anderson Ponzer is a partner at Anderson Olver. She has over two decades’ experience in the practice of immigration law: student and academic exchange visas, family-based immigrant visas, international adoption, employment-based nonimmigrant and immigrant visas...

Richard Olver

Attorney Richard Olver

Richard Olver is a partner at Anderson Olver where he works on immigration and nationality law matters.  Richard’s practice has a special focus on a variety of family-based and employment-based issues faced by diplomatic and expatriate clients and their dependents and extended families, both in the United States and around the world.